Welcome to SL Geek Creator Fam! 

Thank you for your interest in joining us! If you’re excited to be part of our team, here’s how to get started. We’re primarily looking for volunteers who are passionate about working with us. However, we do have a few paid positions available for those interested in gaining IT work experience with SL Geek.



Benefits of Joining SL Geek:


  •   # Your profile will be featured on the SL Geek website as a team member.
      # You’ll receive an SL Geek email address ([email protected]).
      # A welcome package will be sent to you after your first month.
      # Gain exclusive access to our future events.
      # Enjoy free access to select resources.
      # Receive complimentary SL Geek merchandise, including T-shirts.
      # Build your profile by working with a top brand followed by over a million Sri Lankans.